Saramony Sofa 84"


When you sink into this, every moment feels special. Saramony offers a relaxed look with a cozy feel with a clean & tailored body. It’s feather topper makes it super soft, pillowy and cloud-like, prepare to float away. Even the apartment size sofa offers a full single bed sleeper!

Dimensions: 84″w x 39.5″d x 29″h – 31″h overall

Seat height: 20”

Seat Depth: 25”

Arm Height: 24.5″

Legs: Felt tipped adjustable glides, Recessed for floating effect.

Made with: Sinuous spring suspension, top quality rebound foam throughout, feather /down /Poly cushions.

Assembly Instructions: Tuck feather topper edges into the sofa deck, clip the back of the seat unto plate, fluff pillows and enjoy!

Maintenance: Keep in mind that the Saramony Sofa is not a super upright foamy sofas. The feather cushions will shrug and slouch and show signs of life—that’s the whole idea. To keep your cushions nice and lofty, give them a good fluffing every so often. It will help your sofa looking great for longer, and ensure that the cushions wear in more evenly.

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