New Waves

Salon Design debuts New Waves, an exhibition to launch its new gallery space in Tribeca. Fine art and collectible design from Laun, Chet Callahan, Elisa Strozyk, and Sarah Lee will be on view from May 20th to June 16th

New York, NY | Salon Design, the collectible design gallery showcasing original works from innovative makers across the globe, celebrates the opening of its new home at 27 Vestry Street in Tribeca with a debut exhibition, New Waves.

New Waves features two collaborations. Mergence is a body of fine art that combines images by Hawaiian photographer Sarah Lee with the work of Berlin-based textile artist Elisa Strozyk, while Mondos is a five-piece collection of beach-ready furniture by design duo Laun created in partnership with architect Chet Callahan.

Dimensionality is the theme of Mergence. By its very definition, the underwater subject matter of photographer Sarah Lee is an exploration of depth. But while her dynamic ocean photography translates immersive waterscapes into two dimensions, Elisa Strozyk puts the images onto laser-cut wood veneers backed by silk to create 3D objects that float and move in space. Strozyk’s innovative studio practice lends dimension to printed matter, introducing new depth to what was previously flat.

In designing the Mondo Collection, Los Angeles-based Rachel Bullock, Molly Purnell, and Chet Callahan took inspiration from the inclusive, low-key atmosphere of Mondos Beach in Ventura, California. The material palette references the region’s strong surfing culture, with aluminum and fiberglass meeting vinyl straps and neoprene. Curved silhouettes meanwhile draw on the area’s joyful energy, echoing the waves as they hit the ocean along the distinctive seawall of the beach.

Exhibited Works