The Forces Between

Salon Design announces The Forces Between, a groundbreaking solo exhibition of textile art by AVO’s Brit Kleinman on view from November 30th through February 2nd.

New York, NY | Salon Design, the collectible design gallery showcasing original works from innovative makers across the globe, invites you to explore the unseen currents that bind us and the power of embracing change through a unique collection of textile pieces in leather and steel designed and crafted by Brit Kleinman.

In this series, materials talk through touch and meticulously woven objects become a metaphor for the inevitability of change in our lives. Disparate materials – from the unyielding strength of steel to the supple grace of leather lace – represent oscillating swings of control being gained and lost.

“All the art that I create is very much trying to change your experience of an environment,” Kleinman explains. “I think that the architecture, the objects, all the materials within a space give you a certain sensation – and when your senses are activated, you’re more present. So that’s one of the reasons I love textiles – they’re very tactile, very visually stimulating, and with something like leather there’s even a smell that comes into play.”

In Kleinman’s hands, substances that typically occur as flat planes are reborn in dynamic objects that drape, hang, twist, turn and protrude from the walls. “The work that I do is very material driven. People typically think of both steel and leather as single surfaces. But in weaving with them, they become this three-dimensional object and not this rigid structure, so it’s playing with that push and pull of the material.”

The three-dimensionality of each piece is crucial to Kleinman’s goal of creating a heightened sense of presence within a space. “I want the viewer to be able to walk around these objects and have
different perspectives if you’re in front of or at the side of them. That subtle nod to the person’s movement around it is important to me, because that’s activating you within that environment.”

The Forces Between is open to the public from November 30th through February 2nd.

Exhibited Works