Vulnerable Shelter

Vulnerable Shelter, an exhibit that introduces the work of Brazilian ceramicist Fernanda Pompermayer, showcases a series of objects, which includes vases and a table, shines a light on the living systems that dwell beneath the ocean’s surface. In rendering her unique impressions of marine life, Pompermayer offers a sculptural examination of the fragility and interconnectedness of our world. Here, simple organisms seek safety, soft forms merge into their hard shells, and fluidity is transformed into structure.

“My practice has always been interdisciplinary between design and photography, so when I decided to experiment with ceramics, I needed to find a way that elements, colors, and textures could coexist,” Pompermayer explains.

The artist turned to the Japanese technique nerikomi, where pigments are mixed directly into wet clay. Through multiple firings and the inclusion of enamel, mother of pearl, and gold, Vulnerable Shelter thoughtfully intertwines materials, surfaces, and shapes to evoke the rich diversity and mutable quality of the deep seascape.

“The work being presented by Fernanda is a considered statement on the concept of home, making oneself less vulnerable to external forces by having a safe place to grow and expand. This applies as much to nurturing creativity as it does to an oyster providing fertile ground for a pearl,” says Salon founder Amanda Pratt.

Vulnerable Shelter was open to the public from July 20 through September 15, 2023.

Exhibited Works