Hoya Lamp


The Ungapatchka Marbled Hoya Table Lamps are a bridging work between two series, Ungapatchka, (2016 -) and

Nouveau Ghetto Fabulous, (2023 -) Previously, I’ve used the Hoya leaf form in hanging sculptures but these are

the first and only lamps. The faux marbled bases were hand painted by esteemed decorative artist Kat Rhodes

and the delightful hand painted Faux malachite shades are by Malcolm Scoular.

Ungapatchka Marbled Hoya Table Lamps,

2023, Pair available, (with shades)

Bronze, Brass, American Oak. Acrylic, Wax

E27 lampholder, 120V, woven fabric cable

28” H x 19” W

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