Digital Seeds



Title: Digital Seeds
Materials: Rhododendron wood, pewter, fluorite, agate, marbling pattern, acrylic paint, lacquer, 3D video art
Production method: hand carved wood, metal inlay casting, hand-marbling, 3D video art.
Artists: Pernille Snedker (DK), Joel Parkes (UK), The Internet Office (AR)

‘Digital Seeds’ is an international collaboration of 3 Craftspeople, two traditional and one digital. The sculptures are hand carved in Rhododendron wood by Joel Parkes in the UK, hand marbled in Denmark by Pernille Snedker, and then digitised and given morphology by The Internet Office in Argentina.
Three different art disciplines have braided the physical and the digital. Our process is an ongoing exchange between us, where the physical materials, wood & marbling, and the digital, resonate and inform each other.

‘Digital Seeds’ are 3 marbled wooden sculptures that are converted into living digital sculptures. The seeds are ‘planted’ in the digital world, in the form of NFTs.
Here, the seeds will germinate, grow and transform in the digital world in a yearly cycle.
We used seed structure electron microscopy, as notation for the textures, and the Mutative formation of oak Galls as the structure for the metamorphosis of the form.

By breaching the boundaries of our usual materials as craftspeople, we created a bridge between the tactile sensibility and beauty of the crafted physical objects and the creative opportunities afforded by digital tools and experiences.

$3,800 each + 1 NFT

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