MARBELOUS WOOD for interiors can be used for flooring, wall coverings and build-in furniture.

With Marbelous Wood surfaces you can commission Snedker Studio to set the stage in an interior, and make your wooden surface an work of art.

Pernille Snedker aims to challenge how we look at and experience the surfaces around us. She has repurposed an old marbling technique giving Nordic wood a supernatural, organic, colorful and vibrant pattern. Created slowly drop by drop on a watersurface, the pattern reflects the growthring patterns in the natural wood. The unique ornamentation of wood is perceived with renewed visual intensity, and seen as the ornamentation of the wood itself has been enlarged and intensified.

Ash engineered floorboards or wall covering. Waterbased paint High durable Lacquer or wax.

Colours can be changed to fit clients colour scheme.

each board is 14 x 70 cm, but can be changed.

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