Kajsa Willner

Kajsa Willner is an industrial designer based in Malmö, Sweden. Willner’s work is driven by a strong interest in materials, interdisciplinary collaboration, and paving the way for designers to work in new ways. She achieves this by continually questioning and bravely challenging herself and her surroundings

Her work is characterized by a desire to explore various possibilities through interdisciplinary project collaborations, including communicating science and academic research and developing sustainable materials from industrial leftovers. In her latest project, “Crafted Potential,” she explores different methods and approaches to reintroduce residual materials into the manufacturing process, proposing a more liquid scalable production system for furniture manufacturers. 

Overall, Willner’s style blends various influences, employing an intuitive design process that allows the inherent qualities and potential of each material to guide the final design in terms of form and aesthetics. Her work encompasses sculptures, materials, installations, and communicative exhibitions that merge research, craftsmanship, science, and nature.

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