Paloma Looking by Elisa Strozyk x Sarah Lee



Dimensionality is the theme of Mergence. By its very definition, the underwater subject matter of photographer Sarah Lee is an exploration of depth. But while her dynamic ocean photography translates immersive waterscapes into two dimensions, Elisa Strozyk puts the images onto laser-cut wood veneers backed by silk to create 3D objects that float and move in space. Strozyk’s innovative studio practice lends dimension to printed matter, introducing new depth to what was previously flat.
“We tend to think of photographic images as always being 2D,” says Salon Design founder Amanda Pratt. “But Strozyk’s studio practice gives back dimensionality and allows a new interpretation of the medium. At the same time, Lee’s abstract images of a woman submerged in the ocean really spoke to me. The way these photographs consider stillness, action, and space is terrifically evocative and
perfect for this imaginative application.”

Edition of 5 + 1 Exhibition Print

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