Mondos Chaise



In designing the Mondo Collection, Los Angeles-based Rachel Bullock, Molly Purnell, and Chet Callahan took inspiration from the inclusive, low-key atmosphere of Mondos Beach in Ventura, California. The material palette references the region’s strong surfing culture, with aluminum and fiberglass meeting vinyl straps and neoprene. Curved silhouettes meanwhile draw on the area’s joyful energy, echoing the waves as they hit the ocean along the distinctive seawall of the beach.
“Mondos truly captures the feeling of this very special stretch of the California coast,” says Callahan. “It’s been especially exciting to bring these pieces to life with Molly and Rachel. I’ve long admired Laun’s work and the way they consistently push conceptual and material boundaries. They’ve brought incredible expertise in terms of craft and construction to the making of these pieces. Together I think we’ve arrived at a unique take on outdoor furniture that has a timeless elegance, evokes a bit of nostalgia, and captures our shared sense of playfulness.”


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