Manchaha - LUV-613


Mere Ghar ka Rasta
The weaver has mapped her way that leads to her home, naming her Manchaha rug, “Mere ghar ka Rasta”(The way to my home). She recalls how her way back home used to be full of hurdles because of the roads in village were full of bumps and mud and it was always difficult for her to reach home but the relief that she experienced after reaching home was unmatched to any other happy feeling, she says. In her childhood, the weaver once sighted India’s map when she was a little girl and tried weaving it over her Manchaha, however, she failed. She recognized that some things cannot be entirely captured or controlled. Irrespective of this, she was brainstorming to make something new. She recalled her visit to Jaipur, the things she saw, the decorations of “Jhoomar” (chandeliers) inspired her to weave this dynamic hand-knotted silk rug. Prem weaves together the elements of personal struggle, artistic expression, inspiration from memories, and the transformative power of creativity. “Mere Ghar ka Rasta” becomes more than just a physical path – it becomes a metaphor for the journey of life itself, beautifully captured in the Manchaha.

  • Size: 5’x8′
  • 80%-silk yarn,20% cotton yarn
  • Luv-613 – moss red / red
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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