Manchaha - LEV-761


Machalti Machliyaan
Sumitra Devi’s Manchaha “Machalti Machliyaan” (Swirling Fish) is a beautiful representation of her childhood memories of visiting a pond in her village filled with fresh water and small fishes. On the right side of the Manchaha, she has expertly woven small fishes, recalling her old days. Towards the bottom, she has hand-knotted the patterns inspired by the waves of the ocean and a passage that depicts the movement of fishes from the vast oceans to the small ponds of the villages using wool and silk yarns . On the right-hand side of her carpet, she has woven patterns inspired by her daily clothes and bedsheets using diverse colors. Sumitra Devi’s Manchaha is a soothing display of creativity that showcases the vast beauty of the sea and its creatures.

  • Size: 5’6×8′
  • 68%-wool yarn,32%-bamboo silk
  • Lev-761 – al fresco / light rust
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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