Manchaha - LES-2363


Mere Ghar ki Pipeline
Only an artist can notice the most mundane things and create art out of them. Durga Devi and Sumitra found inspiration in the pipelines of their house and weaved them into a hand-knotted carpet. They named their Manchaha Rug “Mere Ghar ki pipeline,” which translates to “Pipeline of my house” in English. Durga began by weaving designs of “Lattu” (spinning tops) and later added some “zanjeere” (chains) too. Then she added a stripe of “panje” (claws). She also wove designs of biscuits and stars, kites for the upcoming kite festival, butterflies, and even net and fields of Bajra. They even brought some ‘paneer’ to the house and got the idea of weaving it into the carpet. The carpet is adorned with random boxes and boats on the river, as well as a design of ‘Bandarwal’. The ladies picked up many mundane elements from their day-to-day lives and wove them into the carpet, showing that art is everywhere and in everything.

  • Size: 6’6×9’10
  • 60% wool, 30% bamboo silk yarn, 10% cotton
  • Les-2363 – blue berry / blue berry
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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