Manchaha - LES-2132


Lalita received a surprise bundle of yarns for making a Manchaha when she was out, and her daughter, Renuka, accepted the bundles. Lalita says that God sent this Manchaha order to her. Lalita started filling in cubes. Her daughter noticed it and suggested her mother to interchange the colors of wool and silk yarns and make it look like a dance floor as her daughter is a great dancer. Lalita laughed at her idea but accepted it with love weaving them on her hand-knotted rug. Halfway through, they started to catch the beats on the loom, gradually adding intricate designs weaving in different directions, hand-knotting each thread with care. Renuka teases her mother by comparing the patterns that are running everywhere on the carpet to her mother’s nature of running all around the house and naming her Manchaha, “Dolte-Phirte,” which means swinging here and there.

  • Size: 5’x8′
  • 60% wool, 30% bamboo silk yarn, 10% cotton
  • Les-2132 – white / frost gray
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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