Manchaha - LES-2039


Sushila’s “Totapari” rug is a vibrant masterpiece, brimming with her creativity and imagination. When Sushila was given multiple shades of red color wool and silk yarns and a limited amount of blue yarns, she envisioned creating a river flowing through the rug. She began weaving the blue yarns into a beautiful river at the bottom of the rug and adorned it with an array of flowers. While weaving, she noticed a parrot sitting on a tree near her home, which she called “Mitthu”. The parrot’s presence became so prominent in Sushila’s life that she started weaving Mitthu onto her manchaha rug. She created many variations of parrots eating seeds, which Sushila kept in her front yard for them. The rug is full of flowers, plants, and parrots, depicting a beautiful scene of Sushila’s front yard. Halfway through her work, Sushila decided to weave a home for Mitthu. However, she didn’t want to cage the parrot, so she crafted a main entrance door that leads to a home inside the hand-knotted rug, where Mitthu can live freely. The inside of the home is decorated with a chandelier, and adorned walls with beautiful hearts, and leheriyas into this hand-knotted rug. Sushila’s manchaha is a visual poem celebrating the unexpected sources of love in our lives. It portrays the profound connection between art and nature, reminding us that even the smallest creatures can inspire boundless creativity and affection.

  • Size: 8’x10′
  • 68%-wool yarn,32%-bamboo silk
  • Les-2039 – deep red / medium rust
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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