Manchaha - LES-1989


Six ladies coordinated and weaved together and created this hand-knotted rug. They named the rug ‘Mann Sundar’ which means ‘Beauty of mind’. They have weaved with all their hearts and have picked up muses from everywhere around. The rug was woven during the monsoon season. First, they weaved ‘zanjeer’ (chain) and then ‘lehereiya’ (waves), and then ‘Matka’(pot). They filled the pots with ‘Kaju Katli’, ice cream, ‘Shakkarpara’, balloons, and flowers. They tried weaving ‘kites’ along the clouds mimicking the open sky. They have taken their inspiration from a saree, and a rumal. There are random designs of boxes and lines. There is a ‘V’ weaved on the carpet that was taken from a school textbook. They laugh as they mention they weaved the legs of ‘Bakri’ (their pet goats). There is a big tree woven into the carpet which was inspired by a peepal tree around, a tree they worship. There is also a gate which belongs to one of them’s houses. And there is a bell from a Mandir they often visit and a design of a jhumka that a girl wears. IThe carpet overflows with a lot of elements. It’s as if the weavers captured their whole surroundings and things that fills their heart with bliss, calling it “Mann Sundar”. Well, there are six hearts involved. A heart wants what it wants.

  • Size: 12’x15′
  • 68%-wool yarn,32%-bamboo silk
  • Les-1989 – denim ash / indigo blue
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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