Manchaha - LES-1918


Pink City
Saroj, a talented weaver, painted Jaipur’s soul into her art. During a visit to the Pink City, she strolled its lively streets, marveled at Hawa Mahal, enjoyed shopping, and visited the Jaipur Rugs head office to see fellow artists’ Manchahas. Even with a short stay, she longed to explore every bit of the city. Meanwhile, back in her village, Mamta was weaving on her Manchaha loom, her mind still wandering the memories of Jaipur. One day, a TV show featuring a hot air balloon caught her eye, and an idea sparked. Sharing it with her sister Saroj, they agreed to weave a splendid hot air balloon into their Manchaha. Their creation would let them glimpse Jaipur’s beauty from above – the cityscape, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Amer Fort, and more. With their masterpiece titled “Pink City,” Saroj’s dream of seeing Jaipur from the skies took shape through her art. The sisters’ joint imagination carried them on a whimsical journey over the beloved city, turning their creative vision into a woven reality that tells a story of love for their city and its soaring charm on this beautifully hand-knotted rug.

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