Manchaha - LES-1905


Shushila, Lali, and Choti collaborated to create a beautiful manchaha rug. Initially, they were weaving the borders of their own sarees, which they enjoyed for a while, but they soon realized that they were more passionate about weaving floral patterns within those borders rather than enclosing them in boxes. Lali suggested that flowers are typically arranged in a bouquet and gifted to people to make them feel special, so they decided to arrange their own flowers on the hand-knotted carpet for their customers using their expert hand-knotting technique. They wove all the variations of different flowers they could remember with love and care into their hand-knotted creation, naming it “Guldasta” (Bouquet).

  • Size: 10’x14′
  • 68%-wool yarn,32%-bamboo silk
  • Les-1905 – al fresco / fog
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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