Manchaha - LES-1718


Sagar ki Leher
The last carpet made by Hansa Devi and Savitri Devi was called “Sagar ke Leher”. This was a special occasion for them, as it was made before Diwali. A group of ladies from their village, including Hansa and Savitri, went to roam and go sightseeing, where they watched small tributaries of rivers. Hansa’s daughter played a major role in creating this hand-knotted carpet. She came up with the idea and helped to weave it. Unfortunately, Hansa’s daughter passed away in an accident. Making this carpet was a way for Hansa and Savitri to remember her and feel close to her again. The idea for “Sagar ki Leher” came from Hansa’s daughter. She suggested them in weaving something linked to the waves of the river since they convey a universe of emotions that penetrate the darkest corners of our hearts. During life’s ups and downs, these waves allow us to find calm in our continual presence, just as we find strength in the support of our loved ones.

  • Size: 4’x6′
  • 60%-wool yarn,10%-cotton yarn,30%-bamboo silk yarn
  • Les-1718 – classic gray / liquorice
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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