Majnun - Sipahi


‘Majnun’ is a testament to those who are besotted, crazy in love. As a collection, the rugs explore historic design traditions from across the Indian Subcontinent. Seeped into the legacies of craftsmanship along the Silk Route, the collection takes inspiration from the ancient cultures of Persia, China, and India and interprets them into a modern idiom, for a global audience. The carpets incorporate the concept of the “Persian flaw”, intentionally leaving imperfections in each rug to honor the belief that only God’s creations are perfect. In spirit, this collection is a celebration of designers, dreamers, and carpet makers across centuries. Each carpet is a meticulously hand-knotted ode to the Majnus of the world. Every rug, then, is a love letter from us and Pavitra Rajaram, to you!

Our Sipahi rug tells a powerful story of a painful Colonial legacy. Inspired by design traditions from Afghanistan, that not only capture poignant beauty but are also a reminder of the painful history of their country, Sipahi adapts the tradition in an Indian context. Rendered in the same folk-inspired style, it is a reflection of India’s experience with colonialism, post 1857, and captures the uniform worn by many Indians who served their British masters.

  • Size: 4’x9′, custom size
  • 60%-Silk Yarn,30%-Wool Yarn,10%-Cotton Yarn
  • Transitional
  • Hand Knotted
  • Handmade In Rural India
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Indoor Use Only

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