Kacchi Keri


Sampatti lives in a beautiful environment with her children. Surrounded by a lively garden where Lotuses bloom and her beloved mango tree stands tall bending with it’s mouthwatering mangoes, a favorite of Sampatti. She shares how kids around the village pluck kacchi keiri (raw mangoes) using all their tactics to take the mangoes down. Seeing the children makes Sampatti remember her childhood days. The mango fruit really inspired her. She started thinking about how mangoes are used in so many ways. The design itself – the paisley motif that can adorn any piece of clothing to its design in mehendi (Hena tattoos), a beautiful part of Indian Culture. She also includes the use of mangoes in making pickles to its candies that the children love on her hand-knotted rug. Sampatti’s head was filled with these ideas and she portrayed it all over her Manchaha carpet weaving her favorite fruit in as many different ways that she could with her colorful wool and silk yarns, naming her rug “Kacchi Keri” (Raw Mango) spreading her love for mangoes everywhere.

  • 5’6×8′
  • 60% Wool, 30% Bamboo Silk Yarn, 10% Cotton
  • Les-2225 – Liquorice / Black Olive
  • Modern
  • Hand Knotted

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