Freedom Manchaha - LUV-552


Chandramukhi is the first and last Manchaha rug made by Raja and Rahul at Dausa Jail. Rahul was curious and fascinated to see the big looms installed in the Dausa jail workshops. He had recently arrived in jail and had come to realize his mistakes. Now, he is on a journey to transform himself and is trying to do everything he can. In the last 1 year, he has learned gardening, cooking, and weaving and is exploring other works, too. He pre-decided that he would first try to do every activity in jail to know what his heart really wanted and would continue doing it. Weaving Manchahas was one of them, and he loved creating this piece for us along with his fellow weaver, Raja. Both of them loved the vibrant colors, and Rahul decided to portray what he had learned from his previous job in jail- Gardening. He brought that experience to create a masterpiece, saying it was a blueprint of the garden he would create at Dausa Jail. It’s his first draft, he added. He explained how his favorite flower is the Lotus, so he dedicated a fountain in the middle of his garden with a sculpture of the Lotus. He further adds to the beauty of the rug by adding butterflies and swans that are woven in blue at the bottom. At the top, he was inspired by the Kashmir Valleys and gardens, with tulips spread on the mountains of various colors. His imagination took him to different places. He named his rug Chandramukhi, meaning “as beautiful as the moon,” a fitting title for such an outstanding hand-knotted creation. He adds that his heart was delighted when he completed his rug, and after completion, he left to explore what else could truly touch his heart to continue doing it. He somewhere knows that this isn’t his last Manchaha…

  • Size: 6’x9′
  • 80%-silk yarn,20% cotton yarn
  • Luv-552 – red lacquer / red orange
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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