Freedom Manchaha - LUB-78


Tera Mera Asmaan
Sachin has a nostalgic connection with “Tera Mera Asmaan”, a desert plain that reminds him of his roots and villages. Every night, he gazes out of the window at the stars and the moon, feeling closer to his wife, who he believes is doing the same from her window. The middle structure of the plain has two different-colored windows, representing the couple’s separation. However, Sachin believes that they are still living under the same sky, and distance cannot keep them apart. Looking at the sky helps him relax and feel closer to his loved ones. Sachin named his Manchaha carpet “Tera Mera Asmaan” to hold onto these emotions.

  • Size: 4’x6′
  • 60%-wool yarn,30%-silk yarn,10%-cotton yarn
  • Lub-78 – ebony / ebony
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

Satish, Babu

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