Freedom Manchaha - LUB-6592


Gulaal Aur Gulaab
Arvind, Krishna and Beerbal came together to spread the joy of the Holi festival into their Manchaha carpet. They have woven the Palash flowers, also known as the “Flame of the forest,” to create the natural colors or gulaal to play with during the celebration. During the festive season, Arvind shared his youthful memories of plucking these flowers from trees to make color powder and his recipe with the other two artisans. As they relived their festive stories, their Manchaha bloomed. This beautiful hand-knotted wool and silk rug captures the vibrant colors in the air which the trio of artisans wove and named their manchaha as “Gulaal Aur Gulaab”.

  • Size: 8’x12’7″
  • 60%-wool yarn,30%-silk yarn,10%-cotton yarn
  • Lub-6592 – linen / linen
  • Modern
  • Hand knotted

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