Fossil Vase



The artistic practice of Fernanda Pompermayer is an exploration of the symbiosis between observing patterns in nature and the transformative power of ceramics. Grounded in the interaction between earth and fire, Pompermayer embraces the lack of control inherent in the firing process, allowing each piece to develop through multiple firing and the inclusion of various materials such as enamel, mother of pearl and gold. In this body of work, Pompermayer draws a parallel to the marine life, revealing the fragility and interconnectedness of our world. The ocean, even if little known by human beings, is deeply affected by our actions.

Like creatures dwelling in coral reefs, humans seek refuge through shelter to protect themselves from the unknown. The strength of a shelter is enhanced by the comfort found within its confines. As pearls nestled within oysters, when well nourished and cared for, growth occurs. Growth is an inherent aspect of all living beings. Fascinated by the mutability that is possible in nature, from cellular to planetary scales, Pompermayer thoughtfully intertwines the transformation of textures and forms in her artwork with the richness of marine life. This deliberate juxtaposition invites us to reflect upon shared emotions and experiences from our human nature.

This series encapsulates the vulnerability and beauty of existence as we know it.

Thais Domingues and Arthur Jorge Lima

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