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Stephen Shaheen is a Brooklyn-based artist who specializes in stone sculpture. Shaheen trained in Siena, Italy as a carver and obtained his MFA in sculpture from the New York Academy of Art. Central to his practice is an intimate and intuitive relationship with stone. Shaheen is one of very few artists in North America carving marble on a large scale directly—without assistants or robotics—and he is among the last generation to be taught by master Italian craftsmen before the industry turned to mechanization.

Shaheen’s work defies compartmentalization, ranging from free-standing sculpture to seating, wall illumination and landscape installations. He treats every work as a unique piece, emerging through dialogue with material. Shaheen’s works have been featured in numerous publications, including Sculpture Magazine, 1000 New Eco Designs (Laurence King, 2015) and Green Design 2 (Braun, 2013). His awards include the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation Grant, the Italian Cultural Institute/La Fortuna Foundation Fellowship, and the Digital Stone Project Residency. He has taught and lectured at CUNY, Princeton University, RISD, Dartmouth College and the American Institute of Architects